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  • 14 March 2017
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So I know there are a lot of problems with embedding tracks with a that play in Facebook. However I have recently discovered that some accounts still have this function.

This is a link to a track that when posted in Facebook displays an embedded player:

If I am to do the same with my own track I get a completely different preview and no embedded player. This is a link of one of my tracks for you to try:

Could you please help me to understand why there is a difference and what I can do to make my previews include the player and look like they do for the first link.

Many thanks.


6 replies

+1 also looking for a solution. please re implement it. conversions are so weak without an embedded player...
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Hi there,

Hmm, we don't offer the feature to play tracks directly on the FB timeline, so if that user managed to do so, it was not through SoundCloud. Can you share the URL of the post on FB maybe for further investigation?

Other than that, here's more info on how shares to FB now work:

I've got a related issue: All of my sets/tracks are currently displayed in embedded form when shared on Facebook.

For example:

This results in 2 questions/problems:

1. I don't know why I've got this embedded feature (while the majority of SoundCloud users/tracks are displayed without an embedded player).

2. The embedded player is not working properly: After pressing play (desktop browser) nothing happens/the track stays on 0:00 forever). On Facebook's mobile app (iOS) after tapping on the play icon nothing happens, either. Tested on macOS Sierra (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) as well as current iOS versions of the Facebook app.

@Mathis: Please try it for yourself:

This issue persists since 1-2 months. Thanks in advance for your help!
Well lucky you have the player but we are looking for solution to get it
WTF How can such a simple thing as posting a facebook preview of your track can still ba a problem in 2019 ??????