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  • 12 April 2015
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Hi guys, what is the difference of "New sounds and sets" and "New Favourites" on Connections? I disconnected the "New Favourites" but still, every track that I like on my Soundcloud seems to be shared to Facebook.

1 reply

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Hi Leyla,

Thanks for posting. "New sounds and sets" refers to uploads that you make and playlists that you create on your own. "New Favorites" are indeed your likes, which makes this a bit confusing.

I'd recommend you disconnect your Facebook account entirely, then re-connect if you want to and choose only the info you want to be shared to Facebook. Please note that this page in your settings is currently a bit outdated - if you play tracks on SoundCloud and have chosen for this info to be shared to Facebook automatically, for instance, this won't work, as it is no longer a feature we provide. We're hoping to merge this page to our new design and update our set of features soon.

Hope this helps to shed some light in this.