facebook sharing - tracks won't play directly on my facebook page.

  • 26 July 2015
  • 2 replies

I used to be able to share tracks on my facebook page and they used to play right on facebook without opening the link, now they don't do that anymore. I have already debugged the links several times.

2 replies

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Yea, soundcloud took that ability from us,, so they could drive more traffic to the site, now instead of a player, they force us to use a link. there is a whole thread protesting this.....but so far soundclouds official response from gina was we hear you, we don't care it's staying as links, soundcloud was supposed to be a way to get our sounds to the world, now it's just using our sounds to force people to their not only let's you embed players, but has built in sales system with Admin panel and tons of features for 20.00 monthly subscription, check em out!
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Iglesia, there is already an active Facebook discussion here, share your voice - Protesting Recent Soundcloud Decision to Change Facebook Player to an External Link