Has anyone else been harrassed by these 3rd leech's,,, BOOST COLLECTIVE,,Selling fake likes

  • 9 September 2019
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Boost collective kept bugging me to buy a release package from them , so i tried it,, what a joke,,they kept sending emails saying they're working on my so called release, after 2 weeks i started complianing about it in their facebook forum, and they cancel my release and kicked me out of the Facebook group,,,Now i'm all new to this, and if this is a common practice ,,,"buying facebook likes to boost the popularity of your music, i wouldn't have even delt with them,,, i want real fans and real likes,,, how other people promote their music is their business, but its not cool these guys presented themselves as a record label,,,but they are far from that....and they sent me this facy fixed up contract to sign,, lol,,,all for show i think to make you think your signed with a label,,, they kind of mis-lead you,, and then to top that i get 4000likes on my page within 3 or 4 hours,,,most likey fake,,, i just think you should cut out leeches like boost, who are side tracking your members, and hitting up everyone who posts a new song, like with-in an hour....trying to sell them stuff,,,,lame...all they do sell likes and views,,, they ain't no record label

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