Has anyone else had their track descriptions disappear?

  • 15 October 2014
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My buy links, and track listing are not on any of my uploads anymore. A lot of my followers appreciate me sharing this information, I don't understand why it's been removed from all of my uploads.

1 reply

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Hi Garry Garry Garry,

Thanks for posting! Let's see, maybe this is just a confusion about our new track pages design. For the track or playlist description, we show four lines in the preview on the track page. Anyone interested in reading more can easily click and view the rest of your description. The link currently sits in the upper right hand corner of the track page.

We've received further feedback about the new design, some of which is being discussed here. Our design team and developers have stuck their heads together to optimize how tracks are now shown, with a focus on the artwork and also the track descriptions.

Hope this helps to shed some light on the issue. If not so, make sure to let us know here :-)