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One possible solution that would make sense & cut down the fat is a good ol’ conditional statement approach. If SoundCloud is listening: Reposting on the basis of who a user follows + what's in their listening history… I'm sure someone's likely suggested this by now… if not, here's the thinking.

Nerd out 🤓 :

Let's say A follows B & C.


B reposts C’s track.

If ( A has not heard C's track (isn't in A's listening history] ) then { display it in A's stream. After it's been listened to, don't display any further reposts of the reposted track } .

Else if ( A has heard C's track [is in A's listening history] ) then { do not display the track in A's stream }.


B and/or C repost D's track. A doesn't follow D.

Display D's track in A's stream until A hears it.

Obviously, refresh the stream with the most recent stuff whenever A logs in at another time and push whatever hasn't been listened to further down the stream.

(*Of course, whether skipping a track counts it as heard should be considered.*)


Any other common excuse for SC sucking is either because of a users preferential taste and/or quality expectation(which is certainly beyond this solution and obviously too subjectively arbitrary to resolve… in which case, there's always Spotify) and/or unregulated promotional abuse by producers and artists reposting their subpar track [< 100 plays] every couple days, which could possibly be resolved by conditionally allowing only users who make tracks that are gaining traction [> 100 plays] such an ability.


Just my two cents. I’ve come back to SC after a long while away on Spotify bc I wanted to hear fresher stuff that is up-and-coming and not necessarily official content… and after starting fresh with a new acct it's been a better experience and I have a newfound faith in SC.… except for this reposting business.

(I also listen to the ads so that SC can try to make SOME money to keep itself afloat. lol)