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  • 17 August 2015
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I'm using Soundcloud to host a podcast for a subscription-based Wordpress powered site. Our plan is to make a truncated version of our podcast available free (embedded on our website), on iTunes, etc., and the full-length version available only through our member-site. That would require two versions of each episode and two uploads, one that could be public (the free shortened podcast version) but the other (the full-length) private. Will I be able to do this, and what problems might I encounter?

5 replies

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Hi JDtv,

Thanks for writing into the forum. Unfortunately we do not have a way to manage multiple accounts with a single profile on SoundCloud. I recommend having 2 profiles, one where you can make all your shows private and full length and another with short, public episodes. This way, you also have 2 RSS feeds to direct where you'd like.

Make sense?

Yes, I think so. So is the main problem the RSS feed? What if I publish my own feed? Would that solve the problem? Also, I can make a track private (the full-length) and embed that into my website, right? You're saying the problem is that they all go to the same RSS feed, right? If I do choose to do two accounts, would they both have to be pro (paid) accounts?

Yes you can.

Thanks for all the details. Very helpful. Real quick, to help out everyone.

Great write,thanks for sharing