How can i make a collaborative playlist with a friend, and make that playlist public for everyone to see?

  • 5 November 2014
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I think there should be an option within playlist to make another person able to edit the playlist aswell.

9 replies

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Now you can create collaborative playlists on spotify. Try it!
I personally enjoy soundcloud and spotify, to generate a collaborative list, you can transfer spotify music to soundcloud and then you can share them with your friends. That is great and it is free.
You can try this way to make a collaborative playlist and then download the collaborative playlists for offline listening.
Ok seriously soundcloud, you need to hire more capable developers. You have been getting so many essential suggestions of features that many other streaming platforms have, but you haven't been following through on any of them! Your playlists are 500 songs max (10,000 max on spotify), no collaborative playlists (spotify has had collab playlists since 2008), you can't update profile on mobile, you can't comment on tracks on mobile, you can't upload music on mobile, you can't see notifications on mobile, you can't use the Next Up feature on mobile, the Shuffle feature on desktop version is very incompetent, and more. If soundcloud as a business would like to be able to compete against spotify, apple music, etc. your team needs to step it up and be able to create an effective website/app for the users.
Also interested in this.
Spotify has this since 2008...
Has this feature been added? It would be great. Only way I can think to get around it would be to create a new account and share it amongst several peeps!
I would like to create a collaborative playlist with my friend where we can both add songs to the same playlist. IS that possible?
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Hey Griff,

Thanks for posting! Please shoot an email our way here for your suggestion. This is currently the best way for us to structure and collect feedback and forward it to the relevant product team on our end.