How can I make it a default setting to enable downloads?

I want everything I post to be downloadable as the default position. But the current default setting on the "permissions" page for audio does not check the box for "enable downloads." How can I change the default setting so all audio is checked for "enable downloads" unless I decided to uncheck the box?

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Hi there EarthFix,

Thanks for posting on our help forum. There currently is no option to enable downloads for new upload per default. But I do get the idea. I'd suggest you let us know about your idea via email here. This is how we currently collect feature requests.

Hope this helps!

i have the same question, now i have to find out how to set free download, no worries i will but why so complicated
+1.. Yep... This should not be hard... Every other service has this option
+1, please implement this! 😃
It is definetly an issue that should be fixed asap. We do provide content as CC and it should be available for download as default option.
I asked the same question last year. Is it likely to be implemented?

I also asked if new tracks added to a playlist could go to the top of the list (a bit like how new tracks in a record shop would go at the front of the stack) I asked this three years ago and asked this last year.

Any news?
So what is the status on this? At the top it says solved but I don't see a solution anywhere. I have the same beef with sound cloud. I need to be able to set the default setting to download and to include in my RSS feed so I don't have to manually go in and do this every week. Also we need to be able to default our tracks to the top of the list not the bottom. Seems rather ridiculous that 2 years 1-3 years later you still can't do basic functions like this.