How can i share a private Track with my friends?

  • 15 January 2018
  • 6 replies

i uploaded a track in private. and now i cant finde the option to share this with my friends.
and i cant find the "share" button

please help me

6 replies

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there should be a share button on the left side below the wave form but if not, just copy and paste the url at the top of the page.
the url in the top dont work, because its not the private link.
2 screenshots of the desktop. its in german but you can see, there is not a share button.
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click on the song title. you have more options when the song is on its own page.
you can see there is nothing 😃
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Hi ocram, hope the share button did show up eventually? If it is still not there, please try a different browser or clear your browser cache, then try again.