How do we get an embedded player INSIDE Facebook?

  • 8 February 2019
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When posting a Soundcloud link of a podcast / music on Facebook, two situations:

#1. There is an embedded player inside Facebook. Then people just need to click Play, and they can listen to it. Simple and easy!

#2. There is no embedded player. People have to click on the link to go outside of Facebook (many people won't want to do this, losing maybe 50% of potential listeners here). Then they arrive on Then (on mobile / cell), it asks "Please install app to listen to this..." (losing maybe another 90% of potential listeners here because very few people will install an app just for having a listen). At the end, very, very few people will listen with this UserExperience #2.

How can we enable #1?

There used to be hacks whereby you could insert an 'X' after SoundCloud in the URL but as of last year these have all stopped working. Soundcloud want more listens like us right? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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