How to find ID Track?

  • 24 March 2015
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I’m trying to link at the WEISS templaza’s template an audio I have uploaded to SoundCloud to an article in my web, but I can’t to find the ID Track of my audio. Could you explain me where I can find it?

Thanks in advanced for your reply!!

3 replies

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Hi Caryosa,

Thanks for getting in touch on the forum. I'm not sure how techy you are but my guess is that if you are working with track ID numbers then you may understand this. If this makes your head hurt then here is an easier approach: 197352227 (track id for your only track).

Hope that helps!
I need the track ID number for & I have no clue how to find it?? Even with the info provided above. Could you help me out?
can you tell me the track id#'s for

Please? I'll be your best friend.