I cannot make my playlists repostable; people can't repost them to their pages

  • 12 November 2014
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Basically I add other peoples songs to playlists I curate, then most said playlist public; everything enabled, but then no one can repost it; there is no repost button on the playlists.

I see many other playlists released by individuals, labels, blogs, etc. All have repost buttons, but mine do not. Can't really figure it out so any help is greatly appreciated!

My soundclcoud is if you'd like to see for yourself

3 replies

@Mathis Thx
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@GD: Thanks for jumping in once again!

@Kieran: Please note that you won't see a repost button on your own playlists, as reposting of your own content is not an option. Looking at your profile and playlists from my end, the repost button is showing just fine.

Hope this helps!

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When I go to your profile page and also your playlists and hover with my mouse over the songs the "repost" option appears and I can repost it. Maybe it was a temporary glitch and is now fixed?