I try to upload a track and it always says. Error processing track.

  • 6 March 2015
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So I uploaded a track and everything worked. I found a misstake on the track and I imediatly took it down again. I solved the problem and tryed to reupload the track but then it always says : Error processing Track. I hope someone can help me .

I use Windows and Google Chrome.


2 replies

can you check for me too?
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Hi there Reckless,

Hmm, let's see - the most recent track I'm seeing on our end is one that got blocked by our content ID system actually. Thus, I'd recommend to email our Copyrights team about it if you do actually have all the necessary rights to upload the track.

Please note that we currently do not cover this on our help forum. You can reach the team here. In the subject drop down menu, please choose "Copyrights" to get through to the right team straight away.