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  • 19 July 2019
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Hello. I have a problem. When I want to share a song in Instagram story, the application does not copy the link. Accordingly, people can not immediately go and listen to the track.

3 replies

same problem here, I am kinda shocked

same issue here !

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Yeah.. since I realized (months ago) that you could share from Soundcloud to Instagram story (iPhone iOS13), it would always pop up instagram with a picture of the album art as the background and then a nice little Soundcloud cloud sticker (similar to when you add music to an instagram story) with the title of the track and the artist name. This sticker button was movable and resizable. However, I noticed from the first time I tried, the button wasn’t even clickable. So stupid...and here I am months later on the latest operating system and versions of both apps, and it’s the same button, but it’s not clickable. It “anchors” the button down and just sends the story out as a photo. 


Would really love to hear from Soundcloud on the issue because it’s been occurring since it was first available.