Is it available to get ISRC codes for each albums or else each tracks?

  • 14 June 2019
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Hello. Honestly I have 2 questions about ISRC codes.
I use Premier service on SoundCloud that means we can get ISRC codes here directly and automatically.

The first question is, as I mentioned before, can I get ISRC codes not each tracks but each albums?
We have the albums related some of tracks such as series.

Secondly, You need to know I don't have IRSC code. we got the ISRC code of the track from SoundCloud as a test.
However, SoundCloud gave us QZH5E1993625 ISRC code. I think the IRSC code means QZ=Country code, H5E=Label code, 19=Year, 93625=distribution of song code. If correct, the country code would be wrong. It's not our country code. What I want to ask, what is the standard of ISRC issuance on SoundCloud when we get the ISRC code here? Also, does it matter for country code if there was wrong information?

Please check out and give us solution.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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