Is there anyway to clear my accounts liked/repost history?

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When I try to unrepost a song, it disappears from my profile, but then next time I look at my profile the songs that I unliked/unreposted are still there. I have attempted to re-repost and unrepost again, but that did not resolve the issue. I am just trying to clean up my soundcloud so it's not flooded with random reposts/likes. It seems other people who've had this issue just require some admin/mod/someone to do it for them. If you could fix this for me, that would be great. Thank you. (If some mod/admin does fix it, you can just wipe my whole history of reposts/likes)

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Go on collections, press history, press clear all history
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Go on collections, press history, press clear all history
Thanks for the reply blue wolf. It did not fix my problem though. I cleared my history, but my profile is still displaying songs and ep's that I reposted that I do not want there anymore.
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Hi Delivery Boy,

It isn't possible to clear our all of your reposts and / or likes at once (and we can't do this from our end for you, either, unfortunately). Option a) would be to create a new account, with the downside of losing all other data as well, or b) to sit down and unrepost & unlike your tracks, stretched out over a few sessions (when you do, make sure to not overdo it & run into a block from our security system).

All the best
Just press the heart to unlike it or press the repost button again to unrepost it
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What I am trying to say though is that even when I press those buttons again to unrepost/unlike, nothing happpens. They stay in my recents.
Ok that may be a problem with the software...

What are you using? Device and app or website
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Yeah, it must have just been a glitch or bug before because I just did it again and I think it worked.
If there are anymore problems just message me 😁
I have the same problems Delivery Boy had (I'm using a Mac).

If I go to history and press delete all, that page ten shows I have no history. But if I go back to my homepage, my listening history is still there.

Similarly even if I unlike tracks they still show on my wall.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.