Let's face the reality: the embedded player's user experience is broken on mobile.

  • 20 December 2016
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Here is what happens what we play a song on a page with an embedded player, on mobile. It's really bad in terms of user experience:

Step #1, you see this:

Step #2, you have to touch/click carefully on the small area "Listen in browser", quite difficult, new users have 90% of chance of clicking in the wrong place, in the middle (I know it's done on purpose to promote the Soundcloud app, but ...)

Step #3, the normal expected display appears but ... then disappears after 0,5 second. Then go to step #4.

Step #4

Step #5, You have to touch the small top right cross to avoid this annoying screen

Step #6, finally the expected view appears:

Step #7, you have to click "Play", and ... finally the music is playing!


* I know the goal is to promote the Soundcloud mobile app as much as possible.

* But here the result is that the User Experience is ridiculously broken.

Solution :

Can you provide an alternate embedded player that allows direct view of the player?

2 replies

Am I the only one to have noticed this?
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Hi JL_,

Thank you for your feedback. There is currently no change of product planned regarding the embedded player on mobile, but I've forwarded your feedback to the relevant team.

All the best