Link to Facebook - display problem with picture

  • 6 February 2018
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We have problems with share (the Soundcloud Content) to other pages (link to Facebook). If we want to link through the linked Facebook button on our Soundcloud acc, then he does not represent the representation of the link correctly (on Facebook). It is always displayed cropped. We did not have this problem before. If we do it by our self, without the link function on SoundCloud, it seems to be ok.

How can we solve this problem?
Cache we emptied, tried different Explorer, tried different accounts (FB) ...

Thanks for the quick support and help

Here is one Image, how it looks like.. (cropped)

7 replies

The debuging Tool of Facebook was used without any advance.
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Hmm, can you also provide a screenshot of how it looks like when you do it by our yourself, without the link function on SoundCloud? As you said before, it seems ok then, but I'm currently unsure what this means / how it looks.
I uploaded now a Screenshot by making the same post by "my own" (without the linkin function of Soundcloud).
There is a difference : the picture looks normal (nut cutted in the top of the picture).

We also used other picture sizes, other accounts and all the standarts, which could help.
But nothing helped us. We need the link function (soundcloud to facebook)because we have a lot
post to link - and to do every soundcloud by own post, its too much work.

We hope you can help us.
Hello Mathis,

maybe its possible to help us? We cant fix the problem. We update our systems, change the computer and account but nothing works.
Nobody who can fix or help us with this problem?
We had this problem, now we just put a colored bar at the top of the image, the colored bar gets cropped off in the facebook thumbnail leaving the actual image. It still looks ok on soundcloud too, you could put some words or whatever in that colored bar which is obviously not visible on facebook but it is on soundcloud.
I have exactly the same problem. An image used in Soundcloud is cropped when I share in Facebook. This issue has been around for at least 5 years!!! Apparently nobody in Soundcloud cares. Such a pity.