Metadata buy link error

  • 12 November 2014
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Hey guys,

Im trying to link my account with and so far so good, my problem however comes when using their track linking in my meta buy code.

www pages seem to work fine, but http links just have the 'buy' field reset..

Any way to resolve this? Am i missing something?


3 replies

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Hey there,

First of all - thanks for uploading a profile image straight away - everyone should do this to make the forum a nicer place :-)

Now, let's see. I've just tried to add a generic link to to one of my own tracks and was able to do so just fine. Due to caching, it can sometimes take a moment for the updated info to appear.

If this issue persists for you after running basic maintenance as described in this conversation (Clearing caches, checking plugins/extensions, trying another browser for a/b testing etc.), please let me know. Feel free to provide the buy link here as well as the track in question so we can take a closer look at this from here for you.

Hey Mathis,

Thanks for the quick reply! This is one of the links i'm trying to apply although none of the others are working either..

Soundcloud does allow me to use others though like my website which seems to work no problem.. But as soon as i replace the url with toneden one the buy tab disappears all together. When I check the metdata again, i find its been reset to default blank field and 'buy' in the description box..

I have tried different browsers, resetting chache etc and still no luck..
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Hi David,

Alright, thanks for providing this info. I was able to reproduce the issue on our end and will try and see if our developers have more info around this. As a workaround, here's how I was able to add that buy link to your track: I actually user Google's URL shortener. Adding the short URL into the "Buy link" section should work just fine.

It is a bit of a hack, I understand, but I hope it helps you to get these buy links out there asap :-)