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  • 31 March 2020
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Hi music friends, message below I mailed to Soundcloud but maybe one of you know the answers or maybe support the ideas?

Hi there (Soundcloud peeps), I use Soundcloud a lot - it’s a great platform. I (sometimes we) create an account for a new band using differents emails and different levels of account (some paid some pro etc)

Platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp have options that you can easy log in / switch accounts. Over here at Soundcloud it’s a hassle all the time.

Since I log in at 2 to 3 accounts a day I was wondering if there is an idea to roll out a sort of Admin account and add others? I mean in my situation SONICrider is my main account and would be nice if I could add the “sub” accounts under SONICrider. This way I could manage to switch account without entering the credentials all the time.

Thanks replying.

From a commercial point of view I thing this add would gain customer for sure.

2nd thing: connecting is key to all of us musicians and I reached my max “the magic 2002 accounts I follow” but I like to follow more accounts that connect to me right now. IDEA: if you have a pro-account the number you can follow is open or 5002? A nice add for pro accounts and again from a commercial point of view worth nodding this (seems not that big of thing)….

Hope you appreciate my input. Thanks, Jurgen a happy Soundcloud user \0/ Take care & stay save.

(if the above ideas are not possible soon please add them to a list of ideas since many users looking for something line this I know)

Cheers, Jurgen aka SONICrider

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