My song is now saying 'this track is not available in the united states'

  • 9 April 2016
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I know this has been asked before, but my song is saying 'this track is not available in the united states.' I saw that this same thing has happened to 'What So Not's EP but it is now fixed and playable (EP from Australia). Could someone please make it so my track can be played in the US? It's for free download so I don't see what the problem is. It's a little annoying that this has been happening to many tracks. I pay for Soundcloud Pro as well.

4 replies

same problem!
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Hi there to the both of you,

I saw that you are Premier Partners of our On SoundCloud program through a label or digital distributor, so these regional restrictions might have been added to your account by your rightsholder, label or distributor.

In order to prevent errors caused by conflicting updates to these tracks, the ability to edit has been restricted. You still have full control of your comments and messages and artwork on all your tracks. You also have full control over your profile information, including header image, avatar, description and social link

It may be that you are a Premier Partner via a digital aggregator such as; RouteNote, Symphonic Distribution, Beatstars, FullScreen, Maker Studios, Studio71, Repost Network, Omnia Media or AEI Media.

For more information about this, and to get this issue clarified, please contact your rightsholder, label or distributor directly.

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A listener from California sent me a screen shot of my song 'Breathe & Receive' with a message saying 'not available in your country'. This explains the recent drop in daily views (averaged 600 per day before soundcloud Go, now barely 150). Please fix this... Toronto based, don't see why they're should be any restrictions on MY content. Also a drop in plays ( 94k this morning now 89.5)
Hi I am having the same issue