No option to see latest audio and music uploaded?

  • 9 December 2014
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So I get that you have the search feature, and it's best to obtain followers before uploading music and get integrated into the community so your followers can then view your tracks and share them, but what about from a listeners perspective? I'm so sick of looking at the 'trending' tracks of each genre and there appears to be NO option to view all the latest tracks from every user uploaded. I want the option to have a live feed constantly updating with the latest tracks uploaded by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Why is there no option for this? It just seems like Soundcloud prefers to promote the big hits and big artists. I might be wrong. Maybe there IS this feature and I missed it entirely. Thoughts?

1 reply

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Hi Amak,

Thanks for posting. I'll try to shed some further light on this and explain why this is a complex undertaking. We currently have roughly 175 mio. monthly active users, and a good part of those peoples are uploading tracks.

There is new tracks being uploaded to SoundCloud every single second, across the globe. A live feed providing Tom's, Dick's, Harry's (and maybe even Jon's ;-)) newest composition wouldn't be very efficient, because no one would be able to view or even listen to all of those tracks.

Hence, we provide the Stream to our users, so that you can make sure you get to see every new release by the artists you follow (which can become a heavy load of new music pretty quickly already, I've been there myself, haha).

In order to find new music that has recently been uploaded, I'd recommend to use our search filters. Select anything but "Everything" on the left hand side and you'll notice you can apply a time filter to your search.

Hope this helps!