Nobody can see my private share url

  • 20 December 2014
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I put one of my tracks as private so people can review it before we record professionally, yet when sending the link to everyone on Facebook, they can't see it, a message pops up saying something like "we can't find this sound" I've reset the url but still, it doesn't show up for anyone other than this account!

1 reply

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting. Hmm, let's see - basically, we're dealing with two separate issues here.

a) If you shared your secret link to everyone on Facebook, may I ask why you set the track to private? Or, is this to a secret group or only a set of users on Facebook that you sent the secret link? If you're trying to reach as many users as possible, I'd recommend to set the track to public and maybe add "Demo" to the title of the track.

b) Sometimes, Facebook stores old information in their caches. which then leads to broken links for external services, such as SoundCloud for instance. You can then try to work around and fix that. How this can be done is outlined here.

In order to isolate the issue a bit further - if you copy the secret link and paste it into a browser on your computer when you're not logged in to your SoundCloud account on that browser, are you properly forwarded to the private track?

Hope this helps! If not so, please write back here and let me know the title of the private track. This way I can do further investigation around this.