Play buttons disappearing

  • 23 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a page with multiple embeds on it and on iPhone when scrolling down the page, the Play buttons disappear. How can this be fixed? Reference page:

2 replies

I have the same issue on mobile. I'm using SoundCloud Pro Unlimited so that I could remove the Soundcloud overlays. However, it appears that setting also messed up other thing.

Here are some details I need help with:
  • I have multiple embeds on a single page
  • I can momentarily see the play button and Artist/Track name, and SoundCloud logo when I first load the page
  • After a couple seconds (or scrolling), the play button, Artist/Track name, and SoundCloud logo disappear - so viewers cannot tell that there is anything to click.
Any help is appreciated
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Hi @Sound Emblem any chance you could share the website here so others can try and investigate?