Player Embed is Getting Stuck on Beginning of Songs and looping a few seconds of the song.

After about two songs play, the player gets stuck on a track and keeps starting over a few seconds of the same clip. It doesnt matter which song in the playlist you choose. Has this happened to anyone else? It seems like the number of seconds the loop has gets a little longer every time it loops. Its really strange.

It seems to be a mobile only issue so far.

Here is a page to see the issue

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We've confirmed this is happening on other websites and it is not due to an issue on our website. We tried every type of embed that SoundCloud offers and each option (comments turned on etc) and it still occurs.

When it restarts, it plays one second more of the song than it previously played. For example, it gets stuck, starts over, plays 3 seconds, then restarts and plays 4 seconds of the same song.

It occurs here too:

The issue happens on mobile (iPhone confirmed) and tablet (Nexus confirmed). We have not been able to replicate on a desktop computer.
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Hi @Group HIIT,

Is this issue persistent for you? I've tried to replicate on an iPhone 6S in the mobile Safari browser and it was working ok for me.
Hi, yes it is persistent for me. I have a had a few users report it as well. It consistently happens to me on the second song. You can skip to the end of the first song then let it go to the second song and it gets stuck. It happens every time on my iPhone 8 and Nexus tablet.
The same this is happening to me on my site: on my Galaxy Note 5.
@Group HIIT It’s happening for me too. iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.
its been bugging me for months.
Did you come across any solutions?
Having this issue on Windows 8.1, HP ZBook
I'm using a desktop and I cant get it to stop looping once it goes to the second track of anything, after a few seconds it goes back to start. Can anyone advise, soundcloud is unusualable like this
Same here.

Symptom: First track is fine but then following tracks keep looping the first few second until I shut the windows session. Problem showed some time ago (maybe two months ago already) and got worst.

Something funny though, I don't have this problems at alll when accessing soundcloud from my cellphone.

Pc setup: Windows7, Google Chrome or EI version 11.0.9. Same problem with either web browser.
Cellphoe: Samsung 7Neo. - No problems.
Having the same issue on WIndows 8 and it's driving me crazy, the player is completely unusable like this... Is there a fix in the works or should I just write Soundcloud off for good?
All. I've found a simple solution.

Just install the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

-It's free and not invazive like Google Chrome.
-SoundClound run perfectly.

Actually, a lot of the site I regularly visit run a lot better. Not faster but BETTER. A lot less bugs. Been using Firefox for five days so far and it's a charm.

IE and Google can go to the garbage can.
Thanks, Mr. Fay. You just solved two weeks of frustration for like a charm
Is now happening on Firefox. Windows XP Professional Service pack 3. 😞