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I have just started working on a new website for an FM radio station, who are currently putting 2 hours podcasts on Soundcloud. I knew they probably weren't technically savvy enough to have HTML links to time markers in the description, but after reading this thread and knowing that it is not possible, I will be recommending they migrate to Blubrry.
While there seems to be no official solution to this as of now, is there any workaround people have figured out? A way to force line breaks at least.
I would like to see SoundCloud reconsider this in order that they be taken seriously as a podcasting platform. This really seems like a lack of understanding as to the needs of podcasters today.
I will not be using Soundcloud to host my podcast for this reason alone. A shame. I love the platform for its embeds and other aspects, but this is a deal breaker for me. I'm very surprised a method can't be used outside of HTML. Simple Markdown support would be fine. What a shame.
Anyone got a hack for this? A way to force line breaks?
This will be the reason we move off of SoundCloud as well. Total bummer...
Need this badly - basic markdown editor would do the trick. Links in shownotes for podcasts are a major feature.
Absolute joke that this hasn't been looked at. Just looks amateurish. Come on Soundcloud, at least answer us?
I said one way to link of soundcloud.
I trying to set a very simply link in my text/html page.
It is a is like this.
<a href="" target="_blank" /><img src="/btn-connect-sc-l.png"></a><br />
It is opend page for soundcloud without sign in.
And then We can log in.
But It is not activate of listener's account.
Is it forgiven us from soundcloud's policy?
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I'm new to Soundcloud hosting for podcasts. Been using Libsyn for years, but the price difference forced us to move here. That said, HTML/formatted descriptions for show notes is a MUST HAVE FEATURE that should be reconsidered.

If nothing else, ensure podcasters are verified and responsible for our content / risk the repercussions of spam (ex: account suspension) that Soundcloud seems to be worried about.

It's 2017, folks. Get with it, and allow us to link to our site, social media, stories we talk about on our shows, etc etc - as well as include images and things that make our episodes really pop in mobile players.

Thanks for your patience. We unfortunately will not be bringing back HTML links in descriptions...

Please reconsider that! At least make it possible to add line breakers (like ) or something.
We are already looking for another podcast platform because of that reason.

Please ask your programmers figure that out! It can't be that hard after all
Well.. this is still a thing. Too bad you can find that out only after setting up with iTunes.

Bye 😕
Well, due to the issue with the show notes, we've moved our podcast's RSS to Libsyn... Too bad SoundCloud didn't offered podcasters a soultion...
Certainly a dealbreaker for any serious podcaster. Found that out after 10 episodes... ☹

Q: Would there be any way/workaround to host only the mp3 files on soundcloud, but use Wordpress as the RSS feed for iTunes?
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I've used SoundCloud (pro account) to host our podcast for 3 years, hoping this basic issue of fixing show notes would be addressed. It looks like it never will be. Our audience is growing and so we, too, will be looking for an alternative solution. It's ridiculous to put out an information-based poadcast that isn't supported by good informational text structure in its show notes.
This is so sad. Podcasts are on the rise now, and SoundCloud still does nothing with this major issue. I am thinking to self-host my podcast on my website and stop paying SoundCloud for pro account that even doesn't support rich episode descriptions. 😥
Please pay some people to fix this issue (use your own markup language the way Twitch does), or simply allow HTML for PRO users!!! I'm regretting paying for a whole year.

The formatting of my show notes looks like trash in podcast apps. It's not even readable because there are no line breaks. At least allow LINE BREAKS!


Is it resolve or not yet? trying to add in my WordPress website : but not same issue facing :( .

If its solve please let me know as well the method of it .