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  • 24 July 2015
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Hi there. I'm working on sharing songs through a private share with the secret link. Except it doesn't work. When the link is clicked on by users, it says "Sorry! Something went wrong." Except I don't know what went wrong. I haven't overshared (as far as I know) and do not want to reset the private links as they are being used to book a tour, and I assume the old links will no longer work if I reset to new ones. Please advise on why the links don't work.


4 replies

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Hi there Belle Plaine,

Thank you for posting. Hmm, let's see - can you provide me with the title of the (or a) track in question so I can investigate this for you from here further?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The track is "Town to Town" and "Saskatchewan", both of which are posted privately on my page. I've been trying to use the private share links that are provided in a pdf press release and in emails.
And thanks!
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Hi there again,

Thank you for sending over the titles. I have set this conversation to private, i.e. no one except you and our staff can see the convo.

I've checked he secret links from a different browser when I was not logged in to any SoundCloud account and also when I was logged in to my test account, and the secret links worked in both cases.

These are the links I've tested:

Thus, the follow up question would be - what devices, browsers, operating systems etc. were the listeners using when they tried to access your tracks? Maybe there was something on their end that was blocking the secret links to work properly? The more info we have, the better we can try and see if we can reproduce the issue from over here.

Generally speaking, though, the links should be working ok. Looking forward to hearing from you again.