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  • 23 June 2016
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We run an online course using Soundcloud private links - they have worked perfectly for the past 12 months and suddenly none of them work! We have customers emailing in saying that they are getting an 'Oh no, we can't find that track' message. We have checked and the private link has not changed, it just no longer works. What could be the problem? We have set ourselves up on itunes last couple of days - could it have anything to do with that?

WE HAVE 350 PEOPLE CURRENTLY DOING OUR COURSE - this is pretty urgent for us! Thanks in advance for helping us to sort this quickly!

5 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that - I've just set this conversation to private - can you let us know the secret link and title of one of the tracks in question? If possible, can you also provide a test access to your online course so we can test this from our end to better understand the issue? Any chance you've reset the private link for a track?

All the best
Hi there, thanks for coming back to us.
I can't access the link on my phone - I've attached a screen grab of the name of it. Are you able to look at our account and search for it there?

not sure if this has contributed to the problem but Ive been trying to get out podcasts on iTunes (last week) and have linked the RSS link into the iTunes Store (although not live yet). Is this related the problem?

Thanks, Vicki

Ps do you have an email address that we can send the course emails to so you can click through from there to test it?
I figured out a way to get the link. Here you go

It's not just this one that it's happening to, about 4 or 5. Do you need all the links? X
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Hi again,

So it looks like you've recently changed your profile URL. As you can see, it is part of the secret URL, in which case a previous URL won't redirect to your new profile any longer. This is very likely what broke the secret links.

The secret link to the track you mentioned above is now

Adding your RSS feed to iTunes has no effect on secret links, as private tracks will never be part of your actual RSS feed - only public tracks will be showing on your feed.

More info on podcasting with SoundCloud can be found on our help center.

Hope this helps to shed some light on this issue.

All the best