Private Playlist issues when sharing link

  • 21 December 2017
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81 replies

Really good article about that from Ari
He compares Sound Cloud with other services for sending private links choosing the best. He mentions this shameful problem!
I experienced this problem as well. I rely on a paid soundcloud subscription professionally in my communication with labels, publishers, artists, etc, but I get complaints that the link doesn't work on phone.

This means that I need to leave soundcloud and find a better alternative as soon as possible.

Or are there any plans to finally fix this issue?
So i know this is many months after the initial post but I think the issue (after further research) is that private links only work when someone is signed in to SoundCloud. Otherwise they receive and error message.
My tracks were working when I shared them I had several friends listen to it and then it just stopped working and now the secret link won't play. Can anyone help?
How is it possible that it's been 1 year and this issue is not still fixed? I am sending private album to people and they told me the album is empty when obviously is not. That's really frustrating because I am paying. This is really unacceptable from a platform like that.