Private Playlist issues when sharing link

  • 21 December 2017
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I created a playlist and set tracks and playlist to Private. I tried to share playlist via share link; however, when link is opened it displays Empty Playlist. This playlist doesn't have any tracks.

81 replies

Still no resolution? This is a critical feature. Using Soundcloud to share tracks is currently viewed as unprofessional. I'm looking for an alternative service.
Hello? Is there anyone with soundcloud who can resolve this issue? I see a lot of people with it (including myself) and there doesn't seem to be any solution. The especially unusual nature of it is that when I send the link through facebook or instagram, the tracks display normally. But if you click on it from an email, it says the playlist is empty. Does anybody have a solution?
Same issue. about a month a go and again now.... Not happy about this. there are many people having the same issues and should have been fixed by now..... We are using the private links to share our music with press and problems like this are very frustrating ..... relaying on a PRO platform to let us down. ...
I think I found the cause and solution.

When first clicking on the original link to my private playlist and it opens up in a new tab, the ending of the initial link is not part of the address in the browser tab anymore.
Now whenever I copy the address of the address in the tab and forward it to someone, it is missing the initial ending. Without that ending, everyone is getting the "playist not found" error

So: Save the original link somewhere and send that out as opposed to clicking into the tab´s address bar to mark all and copy.

Worked for me.
Just wasted an hour of a record execs time trying to resolve this issue with a private playlist of demos we sent them. Thanks, Soundcloud. If its not going to be fixed any time soon, can you at least disable something so that you can't share a dead link with someone? We rely on Soundcloud for sharing unreleased music with other industry professionals so this is incredibly inconvenient.
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it's really bad; i sent out a lot of business emails with a private playlist linked, and a number of people got back to me about this; how many others on mobile devices simply wrote it (& me) off as hopeless? have been chasing soundcloud support about this for at least a month, and... it's still not fixed. this is so serious, it should have been fixed by now.

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Same issue with any private playlist not playing on friends' iPhones. Although it plays on my iPhone. Is it incongruence with the most recent operating system? (I'm still on 10.3.3)

it works on your iphone because you're signed into your own account. and nothing to do with the computer OS, it's a problem soundcloud needs to fix (a linked private playlist needs to play it's tracks, even if the tracks are private).

it's killing my business model, but... nothing to do about it (so i made everything public for now). hope it gets sorted for real... and soon.
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I thought that too but I'm not signed in on my mobile and our bass player can play it on his phone. Trying to find the common (or not) denominator.

you're not opening it in the soundcloud app in your account? and your bass player can play private tracks in a private playlist from your account? that's cool, but still... random. this needs to work for anybody opening a private link. still, good information...
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I think it's because we're both using it WITHOUT the app. It plays fine for everyone now in a browser. Some tracks display "We're sorry, that track isn't available on mobile" but play anyway.

so, tied to the app. if i open someone's private playlist on my iphone, no tracks show. when i delete the app, the link opens in safari, and the files play, but we can't assume that the people we send music to don't have the soundcloud app. so it's a problem until it's fixed for everyone... and it's been months...
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soundcloud emailed me this morning... with a projected mix 'hopefully be end Q2'. meanwhile, i've had to rethink my business model to accomodate this issue. ugh...
It's not working even on desktop as described here: .

This is really disappointing, especially for paid users...

We don't even get automated tests on such simple feature?

After nearly 10 years using Soundcloud I have to start agreeing with the people who say SoundCloud is getting worse, it's sad to come to this conclusion after developing a love relationship with the platform.
I too find an empty playlist when I follow a link from email using my iphone. When I click the very same link on my computer, the playlist loads. Is there a fix?
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just a thought; try resetting the secret link, see if that helps...
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seems like something soundcloud needs to sort out, so we're all not looking for workarounds. def some issue between a private playlist and the app on the phone. guess you could have your friend try that; let us know if that works.
I too am experiencing the same issue. Extremely frustrating because I pay for a pro account - and this glitch has negatively impacted my professional use of SoundCloud. Please remedy immediately.
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I created a playlist and set tracks and playlist to Private. I tried to share playlist via share link; however, when link is opened it displays Empty Playlist. This playlist doesn't have any tracks.

Did you ever resolve this issue ?

is there any update on this issue? i don't see anymore responses from Mathis.

My playlist are not showing up for people either. When they click on my link, they get the very
first track I posted, which is of a young girl, not me, singing. Nothing seems to be showing up for some people. I made the playlist private, but I'm supposed to be able to share it, and it's not working to link it to FB.
Any news on this current bug?

I've recently sent a few emails with a private link and some (but not all) recipients are reporting that it's showing as an empty playlist with no tracks in it.

It works fine here though (tested on a few different computers and not logged into Souldcloud)

Also... Soundcloud's ticket submission form suddenly seems to not be working (hence me posting here)
Same here. I sent a link to some business contacts and now I look like a complete amateur. The link worked a few weeks ago. I've tried resetting it, but to no avail. How come there's no solution to this yet?
Same Issue, are they working on a fix or what do I pay PRO membership for?
@Mathis any update on this? It's been MANY months and no resolution. Sending out private playlists to industry professionals who can't view. Looks really unprofessional and makes SoundCloud look like a complete joke to boot
same here , very frustrating
How is it possible that it's been 1 year and this issue is not still fixed? I am sending private album to people and they told me the album is empty when obviously is not. That's really frustrating because I am paying. This is really unacceptable from a platform like that.
Same issue here.

But - I resolved the issue by going on my page and clicking on the share button again. The link there does contain an extra ending which was not present in the link I sent to other people - so maybe, for whatever reason, the usual mark all function of some devices does not mark the ending of the link and then we are sending out an incomplete link....