Problem at sharing my profile/tracks !

  • 29 January 2019
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Recently, when I share any link to a track I uploaded, that link goes sometimes to other songs not from my profile but from another profile I gave a like. I was wandering, what I must do to show directly MY tracks, if I share my soundcloud profile (I mean, If I share my profile, you would see, beneath, songs which I gave a like and not my songs/tracks) or if I share an audio track and someone click on my profile picture, that persone goes to the profile of another song I gave a like... I'm not sure if I am being clear (?)

I would like to keep my "likes" in privacy and if someone click on my profile picture or in a link to my profile, that persone sees the tracks from my profile and no others one.

Thanks beforehand, I'll wait for your answer!

1 reply

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Hi Chema,

Hmm, if you're sharing your profile URL, i.e. others will be redirected to that URL. If they are redirected to a different page, something is not working properly. If this happens again, try again in an incognito or private browser to make sure your browser cache doesn't play tricks on your. 🙂