Question: How to Autoplay on Facebook.

  • 10 July 2018
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Hello Soundcloud Community! I have a question about sharing on Facebook.

when I share a track on Facebook, how can I allow the track to be autoplayed once someone scrolls over it on their news feed?

an example would be when shared videos and other content on your facebook feed are autoplayed when you skim over it.

Id love the same capability for my tracks, so I can grab attention quickly.

Is this possible? Thanks a bunch!

King Kayin Beats.

2 replies

I've got "my" techie studying this issue--I'll post if he comes up with a solution. Sr.
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Hi there,

This is not something that we support. Sharing to facebook will usually work in the way that once shared, others will see the artwork that is linked to the track on SoundCloud. Only tracks that are monetized will be shared to Facebook in the way that users will see a 30 second preview of the full track.