Secret link doesn't work.

  • 3 June 2015
  • 2 replies

I uploaded a new track that I didn't want to appear on my profile - I just wanted to send it to a few people.

I set it to private, and then requested a secret link. The secret link works when I log in to soundcloud, but if I am logged out, I get the 'sorry! we can't find this track' page. I am definitely using the correct secret link. Incredibly frustrating as I put the link up on the band facebook page, then found out it wasn't working and had to delete it.

2 replies

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Hi there Interlaken,

Sorry to hear this isn't working for you. I've put this convo to private to we can talk "secret links" on here.

I've just checked this for you - I took the secret link for your track,, and pasted it into the address field of a different browser where I'm not logged in to any account actually, and I was able to get to your track and listen to it just fine.

Can you try the same and see if this is now working? I, personally, use Chrome by default and tested with Firefox and Safari.


P.S.: if the secret link that I posted above is abbreviated, you can right click and choose "Copy URL" to get the code for the purpose of comparing it to the one you were using.
Hey, thank you for looking into it.

It seems to be working now, after I reset the link a few times. I was trying it in a different browser where I wasn't logged in, too, but had no success until I went for a shower and came back!