secret link not appearing for tracks when clicking share button, even after resetting

  • 28 January 2015
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I'm running Mac OSX 10.10.1 and Chrome Version 40.0.2214.93 (64-bit)

Everytime i go share a private link, the drop menu appears but does not provide any actual link that i can copy and paste.

Even after resetting i can not send anything as nothing appears, i wonder if anyone else has had this problem before, i have just recently go this mac and never encountered this problem before. I will attach a photo to explain what i mean.

as you see there is no box featuring the actual link, just an option to reset it. I also feel like it could be something to do with chrome, furthermore, i am running adblock Pro with chrome, however i turned that off and still ran into the same problem so i feel like that is not a problem. Maybe flash?

4 replies

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Hi Daniel,

Can you give this a try in incognito mode? I just took a look on Chrome and the link shows up fine for me Also, let me know how it behaves on Firefox or Safari.

I'll keep an eye out for your response!
What is incognito mode??

Are you referring to quiet mode?

if not, how do i enable incognito mode?

Ahhh yes, it is working in incognito mode!!! just not in normal mode
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Ahhh yes, it is working in incognito mode!!! just not in normal mode
Hey Daniel,

Glad to hear that this is working in Chrome's incognito mode for you. This hints that an extension that you're using might be blocking this from displaying correctly when you're not in incognito mode.

In order to get to the settings for the extensions, open a new window of Chrome, then type chrome://extensions in the address field and press enter. Here, you can manage the extensions. Other then that, if you haven't done this so far, I'd recommend to clear your cache and cookies to give your browser a fresh start :-)

Hope this helps!