social link to soundcloud in Facebook not working

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me out, as in Facebook help and here in the forum I could not find my problem described.

I am trying to add my Soundcloud link to Facebook, I tried my name and the complete link, but Facebook does not accept it. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I tried:

Both are not working.

Has anyone an idea how I can make it work?

Thanks a lot,

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No experts here? Oh and Reno don't you have anything else to do as to spam this question? At least come up with a solution or ideas how this can be solved....

Should I contact Soundcloud help desk for my problem?

Can anyone help please?

Thank you
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Hi Stefan,

I'm not entirely sure what exactly you're trying to do. Any chance you have another public profile on Facebook that has this set up already so others on the community can get an idea what exactly you want to achieve / where you want to include the link?

Hi Mathis,

Thank you for trying. 🙂 If you go tot the FaceBook settings to add your social links, Soundcloud is the only one which is not working as a link from FaceBook out, I entered as above written and the link stays unclickable, meaning does not work like the other links for the other social platforms.

Question: how did you add the Soundcloud link to your FaceBook account?

wow 7 days past and still no solution, for what did I sign up? 😞
Check here!
I fixed the problem doing this: "Edit Profile -> Links -> Edit -> Add Website -> *my Soundcloud web page link*
Hi, all!

I am having the same issue. I believe it used to be that Facebook used actual links in this space and not just usernames for the other platforms. I'd imagine it's something on Facebook's end, so I'm going to hit up those forums and support.

@Mario With The D That gets sticky for people who also want to add their actual website - I think Facebook only allows one.
I reported about this bug on facebook. I hope, it will be fixed.
I reported about this bug on facebook. I hope, it will be fixed.

So, unfortunately, not:

We received your report and appreciate your patience as we work to fix technical problems on Facebook. Though we can't update everyone who submits a report, we're using your feedback to improve the Facebook experience for everyone.
To contact us about non-technical issues, please visit the Help Center.
The Facebook Team
I had a fan notify me of the same issue.... Glad I'm not the only one, sad that it hasn't been fixed yet
Up until this day, it does NOT work. What a poor reaction and backlog on technology which is pretty standard for everyone else, it seems. Soundclous is getting worse and worse
Still not working, why have the option to add a Soundcloud link if its not going to work?
is their some dispute between facebook and soundcloud, what are their programmers/web guys doing to fix this glaring problem?
They want you to purchase from them ways to actually link people to your SoundCloud account. When I click on any of my friends links for tracks on Facebook it takes me to the App Store to download the app I already have installed. It will not take listeners to the actual page, only to SoundCloud’s intro page for them to advertise music I care zero about. It’s not a glitch they know what they are doing. Making more money while pushing adds. Give up on this failing antiquated platform. Or pay them enough money to have the links work.