Something goes wrong with SoundCloud API

  • 14 April 2015
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My Name is Nick and i have a website Based On SoundCloud API ( )and something goes wrong with soundcloud API and my Custom WebPlayer don't work
i checked if someone else has the same problem and yes there's someone with the same problem
someone help?

2 replies

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Hello NLMusic,

Thanks for posting regarding your questions about using SoundCloud’s API. SoundCloud does not have a dedicated API support team. Our customer support team is focused on providing account-related support and I am afraid we do not have the necessary skills to handle enquiries about SoundCloud’s API.

That being said; If you are looking for help in building an application on top of SoundCloud’s API, I would recommend looking through SoundCloud’s stackoverflow page (, and reviewing our developer website ( These are the support resources we have in place for app developers.

If you have a question about acceptable commercial use of SoundCloud’s API, then we would please ask you to refer to the following section of our API terms of use ( Any application reported to us which violates the API terms of use will have their access to the SoundCloud API permanently revoked.

If after following the suggestions above you are still seeking support on using SoundCloud’s API please get back in touch with a link to a Stackoverflow post about your question and we can follow up with a member of our engineering team and ask them to respond to you there.

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