SoundCloud 30 sec preview on Facebook

  • 13 February 2019
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Hi guys,

really hope you can can help me resolve the issue with sharing on Facebook.

Been trying to share our podcasts with a 30 sec preview on Facebook for while now but haven’t found a solution anywhere on here.

could you please help.

this track for example



4 replies

*sec 😅
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Hi Shane,

The 30 sec reviews that you might have seen on Facebook are coming from SoundCloud Go/Go+ content. Content that falls under this subscription cannot be shared fully on social media.

If you want to share snippets on Facebook, the best way to go about this will be to upload tracks that are actually 30 seconds in length. You can decide to set these to private so they don't clutter your public SoundCloud profile, or you could add "Snippet" or the likes to the track titles.

Hope this helps clarifying.
This is just not true, I must say I don't understand exactly how this works but I am currently unable to get Soundcloud, Spotify or Apple links to preview on Facebook. Last week they all displayed previews. Just saw someone else post and they had a preview, its quite maddening as the click through rate is much better with that preview.
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I tested this out on my Facebook. I tried linking the track with the public link, and it did not show a preview. However, whenever I linked it as a private link (as you linked it on this topic), it did show a preview for me.

Try including the last few characters I underlined and see if that helps!