Soundcloud Facebook 30 Second preview not working

  • 17 September 2017
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I am part of an artist collective where at least 4 members have songs where if they share or link the song to Facebook, it comes up as a 30 Second preview, but when me or my producer share or paste our songs, its just a link
Every article or thread on this site says its not possible but thats CLEARLY outdated so can someone please guide me through this?
None of the artists who have the widget are Soundcloud Go artists either, which is what the help page says solves it.

3 replies

Come on soundcloud, answer this one already... please answer this specifically.. dont let us take to another link, thats unhelpful... im a subscriber to soundcloud pro unl. Does this only work for a certain artists?
souncloud why arent you guy answering this question ??
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Hey there,

Hmm, could someone provide a link to a track & screenshot where the 30 sec preview is actually playing? I can only assume that the tracks in question are monetizing, which is not the same as SoundCloud Go content.

Happy to look into this in further detail. If in doubt, please run the link through Facebook's debugger to make sure they are fetching the most up to date information.