Soundcloud link on Facebook always takes you to App store??

  • 5 May 2017
  • 9 replies

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This is ridiculous that this issue has not been resolved yet. Any soundcloud link on facebook just takes you to the App store, even if you have the app installed already or not. Result is there is no way to play the shared music.

I am expecting the link to open the song correctly in the soundcloud app if installed, or open the song in the browser & play the song.

Even better, bring back the embedded player and play the song directly in the facebook app, like how spotty currently work.

Anyone else frustrated that soundcloud hasn't resolved this? Or is it working fine on your phone?

9 replies

Yep I've seen this issue reported for about a year now.
I'm on android and have tried changing my Google play store setting so it never opens links - it hasn't fixed the problem.
Now SoundCloud links open the page for soundcloud.

I can search for songs in the app but this has made using private links completely impossible.

SoundCloud is completely useless to me on mobile at the moment.
Wow! This completely sucks (sorry but i does)! Actually makes Soundcloud more or less useless for me... My friends and listeners does not download the app to listen... I was wondering why no-one listened to my tracks after I moved to SoundCloud (which is a greeeeeeat service except from this thing)... Pls fix.
Same issue here. Found lots of threads on this issue going back years, and now I'm experiencing it too. PITA that Facebook followers can't click on the link to listen to a Soundcloud track. 😞
Yep I'm having the same annoying issue as well! What's the deal with that! SoundCloud get it together please!
Same. It just opens the play store. Doesn't save the information when you click open on the play store, aka I cannot view the link. Please correct this Soundcloud!
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I guess Soundcloud isn't paying enough to Facebook to enable this...
But why don't you post the audio just in Facebook? (Until Soundcloud will hopefully survive this year and enable this feature soon)
Are we going to get this fixed any time soon?
Has always happened for me as well. Crazy that this is still an issue.
Soundcloud doesn't even react to it's members on this issue. I would advise you to use Youtube instead of Soundcloud until they wake up and realize that they are loosing members.