Soundcloud new embed player on facebook

  • 29 August 2018
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Hi guys,

A few artists are sharing there songs/mixtapes on facebook with a new Cloudplayer that will only play for like 30 seconds, few people say that you’ll have to share it many times on your facebook page till it works but i’ve tried many times to share it on facebook but i still got that old one... ill uploading a photo of the new player that i want. Any options / help??

4 replies


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Hi there,

This embedded player will only work for premier partners offering their content to SoundCloud Go/ Go+ users. Since there is no way to verify "who" is listening an embedded tracks, these tracks will only play for 30 seconds as a preview.
I am a SoundCloud Go+ User and I offer my content to SoundCloud Go, yet I'm also running into this issue consistently. Can someone please provide a fix to this?

Doesn't work for me and I'm a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited USER!