SoundCloud player issues with Facebook

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I've had a Pro account with SoundCloud for a couple of years. I use it in conjunction with my production company exclusively. It has been an invaluable help to us until recently, and I would gladly continue to renew my membership.

Up until the last few days, I've been able to post a song to my Facebook timeline which was playable from the post itself without kicking the listener to another tab or new window and SoundCloud's website. The "player" itself would be embedded on the timeline in one variation or another, and NOT just the link to the track. I've read several round about fixes, but have had no success with any of them.

My last question is with regard to the "short link" that used to be available. I'm no longer seeing that particular option. Has it been eliminated?

Your advice and assistance with this is sincerely appreciated.

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Is there currently a solution for this ?
Well, here is a pain in the butt way...upload to YouTube and Embed from there...........
I am having the same issue!!! 😡😡😡😡 so annoying!!! How do you fix this?! Works on laptop but not via Facebook link.
You have to use "" as a work around.
Visit dude's site:
So we paying SC to host our content and then they decide an embedded player is not useful?
This is ridiculous, sharing is caring.
has this been solved yet what a fucking headache ill be leaving this site unless they sort this shit ???????
It's pretty simple - the WHY. SC got greedy. They think they can attract and retain longer viewership times from visitors if they get someone to click on a post and travel here. What they don't understand in their misguided thinking is that people just won't come here for that. People see a post, not a embedded stream, so they don't click on it. This honestly goes against everything soundcloud was built upon. The popularity of the site is tied to it's player. Pure and simple. By not supporting the largest social network on the internet they've essentially written it off. I'm sure they think that, some hits from FB and new visitors is better than just having streams all over the place...which is absurd and goes against the whole idea of SC being a social network site. It also accounts for the drop in brand recognition and brand taste/loyalty.

SC teeters on the edge of being the future-proof dominate audio social networking/streaming site ..but they're one decent competitor away from becoming another myspace. For some people they feel an obligation to have some sort of presence here - but that's it..a PRESENCE. SC has lost its luster and is no longer hip. The dropping of the FB player (blaming it on FB's rules is a stubborn lie) is a perfect demonstration of why that is. Posts don't do any outreach and are essentially seen by many as spam... players don't have that affect because they don't disrupt the persons current involvement on another site (FB in this case).

Hopefully I'm totally wrong, but only action by SC can say otherwise. I don't plan on renewing my main account. It's not worth it anymore.. for what? SPOTLIGHT? Give me a break.
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We posted the original inquiry regarding what appears to be a fairly widespread sentiment among the users and supporters (read: paid subscribers) of SoundCloud's platform. The particularly odd component with this issue is the direct statement from SoundCloud that the problem is specifically due to their inability to create a player that is compatible with FaceBook's algorithm which apparently blocks the inline player from functioning properly on a FaceBook timeline. The reason I find this strange is that after using another platform, HEARTHIS.AT, their inline player functions exactly as SC's did originally. This precipitates the thought that there is something more to the story than we (again, the paid subscribers) are getting, from an apathetic technical support team. We have, in spite of all the above, maintained a presence on SC to store privately some of the work we do here, and to take advantage of being able to share our mixes with the artists we produce (again, privately). We utilize Dropbox for the same reasons, which is probably redundant, but there are so many music professionals who use DB exclusively that we deemed it necessary.
AND we are using HEARTHIS.AT or YOUTUBE and VEVO for inline player applications on social media and artist websites.

It would be our preference to still be able to use the SC inline player as we found it to be extremely useful and had an appealing array of visual design choices available to the subscriber. The next time I am in the vicinity of SC's headquarters, a strikingly modern structure if the images I've seen are authentic, in Munich if I remember correctly, I'd love the opportunity to take a tour.

Kind regards and good luck to everyone.

The problem is that everyone else on soundcloud is an aspiring musician as well. It's impossible to stand out between millions of other aspiring musicians. Embedded play in facebook or twitter is the only way to share with people that matter to me.
Soundcloud still failed to fixed this. I'm telling you again soundcloud, you are utterly useless without this feature.
I never got the number of listens I used to have. Nobody likes opening links outside of facebook especially when using mobile. I don't think we're going to get a solution anytime soon. Might as well look for other venues for sharing our music.
Soundcloud is a bothomless blackhole sucking the life out of artists.
">Can this be done without sharing everything I post on SC? And for some reason I don't see the FB share icon.
HORRIBLE move by soundcloud, one of the worst design decisions in the social networking industry ever.
Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. I just shared the same track and was able to play it normally from my Facebook timeline. Can you give it a try in another browser? If the problems still persists, then can you please describe the steps you are taking to produce this error?

Hopefully we can get this solved quickly for you!


I agree Thinking about deleting my account and never come back, ever.
screw you, FOLKS!!!
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I corresponded with SC-Pro support about the issue of the missing FB embedded player. The first 2 or 3 attempts I received the stock answer which always goes something like this...

"Thanks for getting back to us with your feedback on this. I'll be sure to pass this along to the team to keep in mind for future updates. Let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions."

I persisted. Eventually I was informed straight up that SC will NOT be bringing back the Facebook embedded player in the foreseeable future, with the following response:

"we have a large amount of requests to bring back the embedded Facebook player. Our team is looking into restoring our in-line widgets but as of now there are no plans to restore the Facebook player. We're collecting feedback but I'm afraid this functionality will not be restored in the near future."

So there you have it folks.
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I stopped renewing my yearly account because of this, feel like I'm paying them for nothing if they can't fix one simple and important problem, it makes me sad cuz i have one track hidden which has the best stats at 22k plays, but screw it I'm not paying soundcloud anymore, will consider later if this issue gets fixed Sue me!
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As long as this "problem" is shown as "solved" I'm guessing SC does not see any of the comments people have been posting about this major issue for over a year. Sucks.
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I never got the number of listens I used to have. Nobody likes opening links outside of facebook especially when using mobile. I don't think we're going to get a solution anytime soon. Might as well look for other venues for sharing our music.
They ruined you economically. you should sue them.
Sound Cloud what is up with your silence on this. I been using SC for years. I found my way here through a google search as I couldn't work out why I am unable to post embedded tracks on my FB page. Thats how I roll. Apparently after reading the other comments I'm not alone. I guess its time to seek another platform if one exists.
Thay ignore you like you don't mater, you should sue them.
looking for another way of sharing my music sound cloud now sucks no one trust a link that opens another page to many viruses and hacks out there bring back the player
You should sue them for fucking up musical career