Soundcloud share links not appearing on Facebook News Feed, only on Timeline

  • 17 August 2015
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I understand there have been formatting changes such that a player no longer appears in Facebook, and instead you get a link. This question is NOT about that.

I find that any SoundCloud links I post do not appear in my Facebook News Feed or that of my friends, despite my posts being set to "Public" in its Privacy Settings (although changing it to "Friends" doesn't fix anything) and and clicking "Most Recent" for News Feed Settings. My posts will appear on my Timeline (e.g. if someone clicks on my name) but not the main News Feed. Non-SoundCloud links seem to appear on News Feed just fine.

Is this also part of the change in SoundCloud sharing?
Or is Facebook blocking SoundCloud in some sneaky way now?

I've contacted Facebook about this as well

3 replies

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I have the same problem, but no-one seems to have an answer.
it seems like it is done like this on purpose for some reason... My thoughts are that it is done to encourage people to "boost" their posts as artists. I've noticed on my FB musician/band profile, my posts never show up in peoples feeds. The only way anything will get seen is if a person navigates to my artist page, or if I pay to "boost" the post.
I think it is a rip-off that I pay for this service and no matter how many times I post my tracks to facebook the only one who sees it is me. NONE of my facebook friends see my posts with links to Soundcloud unless I message them the link... STINKS!