Soundcloud won't let me open a link to my song without the soundcloud app

  • 22 August 2015
  • 2 replies

Hey guys, I've just uploaded my band's new track to SoundCloud. When posting the link to Facebook, mobile users on iPhone who try to open the link, get a dialog box that says "This is only available via the SoundCloud app. Do you want to install it from the App Store?" and the only two options are "cancel, or install". Firstly, this is really annoying, but second, I can't actually figure out why it's doing this, because it doesn't do this with every song. About a week ago I posted a new solo song I'd done to my personal SoundCloud, and posted the link to my Solo facebook page, and the link works fine, it follows the link to SoundCloud in a pop up box on Facebook, like all links do. As far as I can see, there is no settings any different between my solo song (which works as a mobile link) and my band song (which does not let you listen without the app). Has anyone experienced this, or able to shed any light? Is there a really subtle setting I've missed somehow? Cheers

2 replies

I totally empathize with you. I am in exactly the same position. I cannot expect everyone on Facebook to go download the app just so that they can listen to the music I share on it. And of course, FB has far more potential to reach out to people than Soundcloud, since it is a non-specific website which virtually everyone uses. If they do not fix this, I'm gonna have to take my music elsewhere. I really do not get what is so complicated about ensuring the link takes you straight to the website, rather than the app store, like it used to.
It's all about that Go+ revenue stream my friend. They intentionally make it hard to connect to others and they are throwing away artist accessibility from already paying members to push the Go+ platform(another thing paying artists have to pay for after paying for their account) and a terrible app that has been downgraded to oblivion with no commenting, no messaging, and no user interaction whatsoever besides a heart, for a touchpad based spotify clone while having the gall to ask artists to download another secondary garbage app called Pulse to manage some features removed from the original app while still not even giving creators the full features (like responding to messages left on a songs timeline). It's really killing small artists. Sorry mah dude.