Submitting podcast to Spotify

  • 20 March 2018
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How do I submit my podcast to Spotify throug. Many other platforms seem to be able to do it but in the article I saw SoundCloud wasn't named .

57 replies

I would recommend to use MusConv tool.
I would also like to know if there is a real answer to this question? Otherwise instead of renewing on soundcloud I will just go to another host that will my host my shows on Spotify. I noticed Kevin Smith and all his podcast are on Spotify now and he uses soundcloud as his host. He is famous though haha
I am also interested in this question - I am thinking of switching to LibSyn out of this reason.
I am also interested in this question - I am thinking of switching to LibSyn out of this reason.

The fact that Soundcloud has way for us to contact them about this makes me want to cancel my pro account and leave to somewhere else. Pretty ridiculous. I contacted them on twitter and have yet to hear anything back about it...
It seems as though the answer is to leave Soundcloud then as still no answer
Im also thinking on leaving for libsyn. Did anyone got any official response?
Following. Need this as well.
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Hi there,

Hmm, I believe the integration and submission of the RSS feed URL is controlled on Spotify's end. I did some research around this and was able to find this document:

Given SoundCloud is not on their list on the doc, I suggest you fill out the form they provide below and see what they come back with.

I have also passed on the topic here on the Community to the product team for review internally.

Thanks for providing your feedback.

I'm also thinking of leaving if this doesn't get addressed. Any word yet?
This is very important to me as well
Has there been any updates or developments on this topic yet? It’s been almost a month since Mathis passed on the topic on to the product team for review. This is a very important issue to many who continue to support SoundCloud, and I’m hoping that we can receive a solution to this asap. I can say with certainty that my membership rides on the answer. Spotify is too big to be excluded from. Thank you, and I await your quick response.
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Hi there,

I don't have any updates from the Product team at this very moment, however would be interested to know if anyone has submitted their RSS feed to the form that Spotify provides (see the link I had posted above) and received any form of an answer?
I submitted the form yesterday 5/22/18. Of course, no answer yet, but I will report back if contacted with results. For comparisons sake, Game and Movie Podcast has around 40 episodes with the latest dropping on 5/21/18, and has existed for just over two years, so I don't think it would get rejected for inactivity or lack of track record.
Anyone else submit or hear anything?
Side note: THANK YOU for implementing scheduling. That was long overdue, and I'm glad you guys listened and got that done.
I also submitted a form. Fingers crossed.
Good luck! I'm hoping they get back to us quickly!
Mathis thank you for responding to my fellow content creators, please see if you can speed up the official response.

We too are looking to move if Soundcloud don't get this sorted, it seems that even with a pro subscription you are not given any more support or answers. Spotify is now listed as the 2nd largest music / streaming platform in the world. I would have thought that it would be a priority to negotiate an aggregator partnership deal.

I will submit a request to Spotify and let you all know if i get a response too.

Good luck Rex Reviews Podcast and Game and Movie Podcast and everyone else who is trying to get some answers.

I did the podcast submission form before this topic and still haven't heard anything. Been more than a month now. So I will just be going to one of the ones Spotify has selected.
I did submission via the interest form and there is a option to select Soundcloud when you get into the form section, so at least Spotify has Soundcloud on the radar there, but it sounds like from this thread it will be unlikely... I hope Soundcloud can work their magic to make this easier!
Here was a response from Soundcloud.
SoundCloud Support (SoundCloud)
Jun 25, 15:10 CEST

After doing some research around this, it looks like the integration and submission of the RSS feed URL is controlled on Spotify's end:

Unfortunately, given SoundCloud is not on their list on the doc, we can only suggest you fill out the form they provide below:

Thanks for your enquiry around broadcasting to Spotify, nonetheless. We hope they get back to you with a solution and that they add SoundCloud to the list of supported hosts in the future.

All the best,
Hi Guys, Any update on this?

I have submitted the RSS feed to Spotify but no response, seems like we are the last one to be reviewed as Soundcloud is not in partner list.
Just submitted mine, but based on what I’m reading I’m not holding out much hope. It's really a shame that SoundCloud isn’t putting more effort into working with Spotify on this. They stand to lose untold numbers of subscribers if they can’t get it resolved. Growing a Podcast is hard enough as it is. Not being able to get it listed on the 2nd largest listener site is completely unacceptable. 😡
Two options: Soundcloud is deaf or pretends to be. It´s really frustrating for someone who is paying for the service, isn't it?

I would hate to leave Soundcloud, it's been so far a great platform for publishing and sharing my podcasts, but Spotify integration is really interesting to me.
Hmmm. I'm stumped by this too. If they're not on Spotify, that's not a good sign.

Anyone experienced in switching hosting solutions?
Yes, this is very disappointing. Paying for the top package and not able to share on the second biggest podcast platform in the world?
I've just submitted a request on Spotify form too:

I noticed at the end of the process they have an email (who knows if anyone actually moderates it!)

Might be worth sending a request directly to that mailbox too?