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I just submitted my application and before doing so, I read the list of accepted aggregators, and like you all said, SoundCloud isn't one of them. Once I started filling the app out, it did have SoundCloud listed as a source to choose when it asked who hosted the podcast. Hopefully I will still be accepted. I tried to be as thorough as possible when it asked for a description of myself and the show, so maybe that would help. Please let me know if any of you who have already submitted your app have had any luck!
Any word yet on this issue? This is a major problem for our podcast...

If we can't get this resolved soon we will have to switch platforms.
Submitted our podcast via that form 3 times already. Zero response and I can't blame them. Other platforms offer automatic Spotify integration in their standard packages. Feels like a tactical choice on Soundcloud's part. We are also looking into moving.
It's a simple issue and it's clearly hurting users. If this is not resolved soon, we will change of platform.
I to would like to stay with soundcloud but i need to expand to spotify and if Soundcloud can't do it i will move.
Soundcloud, hello? Any news on this? It can't be that difficult and there is a clear need in the community!
We'll also have to move to another platform if this isn't sorted before our renewal date at the end of October. Obviously we'd rather not as it's a hassle to move, but Spotify integration is essential and readily available elsewhere.
Hi everyone. I just wanted to give my perspective. I’ve been trying to figure this out as well. I produce a podcast that is about 10k listeners strong. We’ve been going for 21 weeks now and are extremely consistent with our episodes. I submitted to the google form from Spotify’s page not once but twice. I didn’t hear back and this was months ago. I have no hope that this will be resolved at this point. Once our year membership from SoundCloud runs out we will have no choice but to switch hosting sites if this isn’t fixed. Listeners have been asking on a weekly basis when we will be on Spotify, and we have no answer. There’s no doubt our numbers would be higher if we were on Spotify. I had no trouble getting the podcast published on every other major platform, yet for some reason Spotify and SoundCloud don’t mesh. It’s very frustrating. If anyone has a solution let me know!
Hey everyone. This is Anthony from GAME AND MOVIE PODCAST. Still no word from Spotify on my end about any of this (Submitted 5/22/18)...and I see that Soundcloud is pretty much ignoring this thread/issue. I'm ABSOLUTELY going to be switching hosts at my renew date unless this is taken care of. If trying to communicate with written word isn't getting the job done, then I will have to communicate with my (Lack of) money and support. You would think by now they would have at least addressed the issue. The fact that this has gone on this long has seriously reduced my trust and faith in the Soundcloud platform, and it just seems that even if they do eventually right this, this will be how they respond/react to future problems. It seems that there are many more perks with going to a host like Blubrry, Libsyn, or Podbean anyway when it comes to promotion and streamlined workflow. I'm honestly pretty disappointed and angry about this. I'll keep on checking back to this thread monthly for any signs of progress.
Yeah, same as above - if this isn't fixed, we'll be leaving. Shame
I'll be switching too once my membership runs out.

Please let us know Soundcloud! If this is a business decision (Spotify is a competitor) then fair enough.

But this silence is unacceptable. We are paying customers and haven't heard anything!

I love Soundcloud as a podcast platform but C'mon. Spotify is like the second biggest music streaming service on the planet (behind itunes I think) that offer podcasts. It's unacceptable not being on that platform!
Hey all. Just want to echo what you all are saying for the record, and in case anyone from SouthCloud does ever get around to actually providing customer service on this issue. The lack of integration with Spotify + zero customer service on the topic is the 1 and only reason I'm planning to leave SoundCloud. Other that that, I've been extremely happy, but that's a big enough reason alone for me to switch podcast hosts for my podcast, The Egypt Travel Blog Podcast, as well as 2 others I have in production.

To theorize a little about this, I'm guessing SoundCloud just might not give a rat's arse about podcasts. I heard an interview with their CEO not long ago on a tech podcast and all he talked about was music and its long tail. When the host eventually brought up podcasts, his response was kind of like... ehh yeah there are those too, but back to music creators.

We already know that the only reason SoundCloud is still around is because it got a big leap-of-faith injection of capital to save it from spiraling not long ago, so it seems they might just be putting all of their eggs in the music basket and hoping that re-floats the ship. I really hate to leave, but I absolute will if I can't get my podcasts onto Spotify by the end of the year. That's the personal deadline I've set to wait this crap out.
C'mon Soundcloud give us paying customers a response, if no Spotify integration I won't be renewing my subscription either.

Tony Oldskool.
I remember reading how you may have to look up your podcast of Spotify because it will not respond to you.
I submitted my form to Spotify about three weeks ago. I've had no response.

It's really frustrating that there are no updates from Soundcloud on this issue - I'm now exploring other providers.....
Hey guys! Good news! Spotify fixed the problem for us. They finally made a podcast portal where you can submit your rss feed into their system.

I submitted our podcast 15 minutes ago and check this

Hey @Omnic Weekly thanks so much - it's worked - at last. Like you say - took about 15 minutes - BRILLIANT!
I submitted to Spotify:

Under providers I selected 'other'

Seemed to be easy-peasy
Yay! It worked for me too... !! Thanks for the update and link to submit RSS!!! 😀
Omnic Weekly wrote:

Hey guys! Good news! Spotify fixed the problem for us. They finally made a podcast portal where you can submit your rss feed into their system.

I submitted our podcast 15 minutes ago and check this


You're genuine hero! Thanks!
I submitted mine at and it got accepted. I entered the RSS feed and when it asked for the hosting I chose "other, do not know" and it was fine.

My podcast is on Spotify now. I checked the spotify podcast dashboard every couple of days and it disappeared at one point so I sent them a message asking for help. I got an email back from them and they kept in touch with me - great customer service. The podcast is up on Spotify now (as of yesterday) and now I just need to let my listeners know that we're on Spotify as well. Get your stuff on there!!!!
Brilliant, great news, I've just requested to add mine into Spotify, hats off to Soundcloud if this works for me...
Hi guys,

I am having trouble. I added my SoundCloud RSS from the content section in the profile but on the Spotify submission page it says "Your podcast RSS feed is missing some things: Episodes". I have over 20 audio files, episodes on my account.

Does anyone have any leads?

Thank you!
Looks like my Podcasts have been added to Spotify, however don't see a play button...