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I figured out my issue... Spotify said I had no episodes on my RSS feed because on each individual track on my SoundCloud account I didn't have checked "include on RSS feed" in the permissions.
I tried that third-party submission form last year and followed up on the email address provided but never heard back. Just tried again today and it looks like anyone can just submit now. This is great news! Says our podcast is processing.
Not working! Error message "Please visit" obviously means that I should have another host to proceed... This is so annoying!
Hi there,

I don't have any updates from the Product team at this very moment, however would be interested to know if anyone has submitted their RSS feed to the form that Spotify provides (see the link I had posted above) and received any form of an answer?

I have submitted our podcasts three times with no response from Spotify. Like others, I'm a pro unlimited customer. And like others, it's crazy I can't contact Soundcloud about this. We have the largest podcast in our market and are constantly ranked in the top 10 in College and High school sports podcasts whenever we publish. But we can't get Spotify to approve our request by submitting the form. I like others am also tempted to go ahead and switch to another hosting company.

I have successfully submitted my Soundcloud podcast to Spotify.

Just follow the directions, use the RSS feed and when it asks who your host is, just choose the ‘other/I don’t know’ option.

After a few hours it was live.