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  • 5 December 2017
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Soundcloud, i am very dissapointed. Please help.
Your Services in the past were amazing, but now it seems nothing works.
I used you're services with a free account in the past and became a supporter for the ease of use and largely for its compatibility with other platforms. This was only a few years ago.
Now as i am rebuilding and branding my business, i had no second thoughts about using soundcloud as my hosting platform for my media, so did not hesitate to suscribe for your most expensive package.
Realizing now that the compatibility with other social platforms is now deteriating,
I am trying to reach support to discuss what other options i may have and just some actual human support.
Last few days have been increasingly discouraging, trying to get support.
Started with writing to SCsupport on twitter, explaining my problem (as thoroughly as i could given the limited size of post). I received a reply 2 days later asking how can they help? Was i supposed to re-write what i had already written? I went on to try and explain my situation more thoroughly, in 2 posts this time. And have not yet received a reply...
Ok, next...
Look for customer support number

Horrible experience trying to call here. Was hung up on a dozen times before finally another agent answered, and was already on the defensive side. He claimed to in no way be part of, nor representation for soundcloud, or soundcloud support... so again, this is a problem i guess i would expect soundcloud as a business to be aware of and maybe rectify? As a paying costumer i would at least hope so.
That brings me to here. Where again i was searching for a way to reach someone. Hopefully this works. Please Soundcloud. Redeem yourselves :(

When i had previously used souncloud, i could post the link of one of my songs, or even playlist to other social platforms, and it would conviniently embed itself so users of that platform (i.e: facebook) could click and play the song from there, as opposed to redirecting them to soundcloud for the listen.
This is where the REAL issues BEGIN for me 😞 .
In my line of work i create music for clients (artists) and shop my beats/tunes to them. Needless to say when i give a client a direct link to my work, i NEED that link to send them there. Regardless if the are on mobile or computer!?
I would say a good 70% of my clients have reported links not working properly, and its now having a crippling impact on my business and traffic. Its just completely unproffessional.
What happens is this:
I pass along the link (the one generated on soundcloud when selecting share icon and copying link)on another platform( i.e: Text/FbMessenger/email). My client will then click on the link. The link will take them to apple/play store and ask to open with soundcloud app. EVEN when soundcloud IS installed on their device, and they click the open icon, it then brings them to SoundCloud homepage... ouch. So basically i am paying AND working my buns off to direct traffic to youre homepage? 70% of the time? Please SC why? 😞

The other issue is not having the messages availabilty on app. I would happily try to grow my business within the soundcloud community as well as externally, but it makes it difficult without being able to interact with potential customers. Ive found a way around it by using the web on my phone, and carefully reaching a soundcloud page that DIDNT automatically redirect me to app store, so that finally i could request the desktop site. Then i can access my messages. But if im expected to explain this process of jumping through hoops and bending backwards to my clients just to converse with them on youre platform, im afraid i will also be losing credibility alongside of you.

Again SoundCloud. Im not irrational. Im a paying customer. Its not personal. If youre services do not fit my needs, please just let me know and i will have to explore other options to take my business elsewhere.
If its something that can be worked out, then great! I will not discontinue my subscription.

Eagerly awaiting some sort of support.


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