The tracks in my playlists are starting to disappear from my playlists and my "likes" list without my interaction. Any Ideas?

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the same thing happens to me my playlists randomly decrease from like 22 to 5 even though none of the songs have been removed or made private. I think I'm just going to stop using soundcloud because even after I re-add everything and even add new songs they eventually just disappear and that's so frustrating.
I Just realized I've lost many of my collected tracks in my track lists. Some playlist showing up even
completeyly empty. The painfull thing is, I do not know how to get them back. This is truelly a huge deception. I spend 3 years collecting music, and to lose it like this is a real shame, and therefore a wast of time!
^^ I agree 100%
I understand this might be difficult but it is extremely frustrating, and personally, heartbreaking to lose a song from a playlist I created and not be able to find it again. This has occurred with two of omw largest playlists TWICE. Both of them ranged from 60-70 tracks and dropped to the 20s.

It would be highly appreciated by current users like myself as well as future Soundcloud users if you guys would look into this.


Such a shame. I'm having the same issue's. Losing stuff I've collected over the years, is in away unacceptable.
Isn't it obvious that you need at least to leave the names of the deleted tracks for playlist creator? I just loose one major song and haven't got any idea what I'm paying you for SoundCloud? F**k! Frustrating as sh**t
Dammit, ive been searching for one song for month now and it comes that one person deleted it from acc?
This is also occurring with me. My playlist that once had 80 songs now in an hour only ahs 60. I spend a lot of time making my playlist so this is a major inconvenience. I am also a soundcloud go user which is starting to seem like a waste of money... way to go soundcloud, you're losing a once loyal user.
How is this still a problem after all this time and all these instances of it happening? The playlist function is rendered useless to me if I can't trust that the songs will still be there when I come back.
unfortunately I have to confirm that this issue is still present by this day. as a user with MULTIPLE 500 playlists (that decreased to nearly 400 over the last months) that is extremely painfull. please soundcloud, couldn't you come up with some idea? i really really love your platform 🙂
THIS WAS NOT SOLVED. You need to fix your damn site soundcloud. I don't like spending an hour looking through a playlist to pick out which songs are gone.
Your to do list: Fix this glitch. Fix the glitch where songs are removed from the like list.
I shouldn't have to worry about crap like this. If whoever made this site can see this, do your job and fix this.
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4 years later, still a problem. I’m not a paying customer, just a free account, but I can’t imagine why I would ever be a paying customer... data integrity is the only reason to use a service like this.
Well, I am a paying customer and have lost hundreds and hundreds of "liked" tracks on carefully curated playlists, and in some playlists they are down to 20 tracks, when once there were over 100 songs. I have been meticulously placing liked tracks in my playlists since 2008. It's so sad. Just a simple notification or email would suffice, saying "Hey, this track is now removed from your playlist", and give the Name and Track title. Sounds like a simple enough algorithm. Any word on this fix soundcloud techs?
Wooooooooow....... 4 years and this has still not been resolved. It's actually rampant. I have a playlist with 8 songs in it that has not changed in at least 2 weeks. On my Iphone, a song will be present, on my imac, it wont. I search the song on my imac, go to it, and it says the song is on that playlist of mine. I go back to the playlist and it is most definitely not there.. This is really disappointing. I guess that's what I get for throwing my money at a smaller company instead of one like google. Doesn't mean I wont continue to to this, but absolutely not with a company that doesn't fix problems this significant and seemingly ignores its user base. No wonder no one I suggest soundcloud to seems interested.

You said “ Just to clarify , These are not your songs right” Wrong. It is all my music composed and played by me. Jeez