The Tragedy of losing the Facebook Embedded Player

  • 24 July 2015
  • 4 replies

I know this is already a subject, but I just wanted to reiterate how big of a deal this is. I took the time to post to this forum because I'm extremely frustrated given I have a recent release that just came out, it was difficult for me to promote that release to over 1 million facebook fans w/ out the use of the embedded facebook player, such an amazing tool to preview music without clicking out of a web page.

Since the facebook native soundcloud player has been switched to external links only, I have zero reason to share to facebook. We're talking about losing hundreds of thousands of plays given the way the facebook algorithm treats external links, relative to content that keeps people on the facebook platform.

I really hope this is adjusted.

4 replies

i _m with u that have to be switch back!!!
Soundcloud wants users to pay annual fees, and they also want income from ad revenue. And now they've removed the embedded facebook player so they can get even more ad revenue. Dear Soundcloud, how many income streams do you need? When does the greed ever stop? Don't tell me that the change is to help users improve anything. Taking away features never improves anything for users. Soundcloud hasn't prioritized music in a long time... only ROI.
One answer: Greed. Fucking Greed. Time to find another host.
One answer: Greed. Fucking Greed. Time to find another host.
I just signed up with Not only does their embedded facebook player play at 320kbps, it has a download button right on the player. They are also a very small fraction of the cost of Soundcloud for unlimited storage.